Microsoft Teams Tutorials

Welcome to Microsoft Teams

Welcome to Microsoft Teams

How to start chat and make calls

Create instant remote work meetings

How to plan and schedule a live event

More inclusive virtual meetings

How to join a Microsoft Teams meeting

Sign up and create a Microsoft Teams

How to manage a Shifts schedule

Go-to guide for team owners on Microsoft Teams

Overview of teams and channels

Add tools with tabs

How to manage Microsoft Teams meetings

How to upload and share files

How to share your screen

Easily collaborate with voice assistance

What is Shifts in Microsoft Teams?

Build applications in Microsoft Teams with Power Apps

Learn Microsoft Teams in 7 minutes

How to get your team up and running

How to use the command box

How to work in channels

How to invite people to Microsoft Teams

How to work on a file together

How to schedule a meeting

How to change your background

Sign up and create a Microsoft Teams free

What is Microsoft Teams Approvals?

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