The School's secondary level comprises seventh through twelfth grade. Below are the key features of its academic program.

  • Comprehensive college-preparatory program of study incorporating the curriculum of the Palestinian Ministry of Education and Higher education

  • English medium of instruction

  • Arabic language required (English-speaking students are enrolled in their level of Arabic language; Arabic-speaking students are enrolled in the Ministry’s level of Arabic for their respective grade)

  • Social sciences include two required tracks: SAT-based track and Palestinian curriculum track, and are taught both in Arabic and English

  • Religious studies are required (Islamic studies are required only for Muslim students while Christian studies are optional for Christian students; both are based on the Palestinian Ministry of Education and Higher Education curriculum)

  • Religious studies taught in both Arabic and English, depending on the student's native language

  • SAT I and six SAT II subject examinations are required for completion of the secondary program and attainment of twelfth grade certificate (student choose between scientific and literary stream)

  • Graduates meet local and international university enrollment standards

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The Pioneer School in Implementing the SAT Program in Al-Bireh - Palestine.


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