American Jordanian Secondary School is a warm and welcoming Kindergarten that prepares students entering our school for their transition from home learning to school instruction. This is a very critical stage and shift in children’s growth, and marks the foundation for their relationship to learning, schooling and life. Therefore, we take great care in providing a safe, friendly and nurturing environment that supports the cognitive, emotional, physical and social development of each and every child through learner-centered, active knowledge construction. An enriching, meaningful and engaging curriculum integrates the twin pre-school philosophies of learning through play and by means of structured academic subjects. The latter include Arabic and English literacy, numeracy, the natural and social sciences, art, drama, music, physical education and religion. Children are encouraged to explore and discover how they fit in the world, to imagine and be curious about life, and to experiment with and create their reality. At American Jordanian Secondary School Kindergarten, we believe that when children are happy and loved, they grow to have a positive self-concept as adults. This is our vision and realizing it is our mission.

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The Pioneer School in Implementing the SAT Program in Al-Bireh - Palestine.


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